amazing Small House Ideas Perspective View at sunset.

Perspective View at sunset.

I discovered under many layers of paint after my paint analysis on my 1887 Victorian house, that each floor was a different color when the house was built. This was a popular way to paint these homes to many contemporaries at the time. I would never have put these colors on my home. But I took the risk to bring it back to its 1887 color scheme and shook up my small town. The end result is very exciting.

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amazing Small House Design American Neoclassical by Poppies Woodshop Designs

American Neoclassical by Poppies Woodshop Designs

By Poppies Woodshop Designs

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Great Small House Design The Hower House (1871)

The Hower House (1871)

On the University of Akron campus, Akron, Ohio USA

This magnificent Second Empire Italianate home was built in 1871 by John Hower.

Hower Mansion (NRHP added 1973 – Building – #73001536) Akron, Ohio Summit County, USA

From the University of Akron website:

Hower House was completed in 1871 by John Henry Hower, a leading Akron industrialist who was active in the milling, reaping and cereal industries. Hower and architect Jacob Snyder designed this house in the Second Empire Italianate style. The floor plan, known as the " Akron Sunday School Plan", features rooms radiating from a large octagonal center hall. The plan was used for churches across the United States. This 28-room mansion is capped with a mansard roof and soaring tower, and is filled with hundreds of treasures and furnishings the Hower family collected from around the world.
In 1901, John Henry’s son Milton Otis, his wife Blanche, and their two children, Grace and John, came to live in the house. The elderly Hower and his second wife moved to a smaller home nearby. Blanche continued to live in the house even after John Henry and Milton Otis both died in 1916. Sometime later, Grace and her husband, John, moved into Hower House with Blanche. The house was occupied by the Hower family for 100 years before it was deeded to The University of Akron in 1970. In 1973, Hower House was placed on the National Register for Historic Places.

The house has three floors with a ballroom on the third floor. Two and a half acres of lawn and stately trees provide a green island of tranquility for The University of Akron campus community.

Today, Hower House remains one of the finest and best preserved examples of its style in the country. It is supported by private donations, the Friends of Hower House, the Hower House Victorians and The University of Akron. The house has become a lasting symbol of an era of elegance in America.

Visitors are welcome to view the unique architecture and rare treasures of this National Historic Landmark 11 months of the year. It is closed during the month of January.

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Great Small House Ideas Rotterdam, Cube Houses #10

Rotterdam, Cube Houses #10

(best seen in Large)

2 august, 2009

Kubuswoningen, or cube houses, are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in The Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom in 1984. The houses in Rotterdam are located on Overblaak Street, and beside the Blaak Subway Station. Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. There are 38 small cubes and two so called ‘super-cubes’, all attached to each other.

As residents are disturbed so often by curious passers-by, one owner decided to open a "show cube", which is furnished as a normal house, and is making a living out of offering tours to visitors.

The houses contain three floors:

ground floor entrance
first floor with living room and open kitchen
second floor with two bedrooms and bathroom
top floor which is sometimes used as a small garden
The walls and windows are angled at 54.7 degrees. The total area of the apartment is around 100 square meters, but around a quarter of the space is unusable because of the walls that are under the angled ceilings.


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